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What I’m aiming at is, 

“delicateness, stillness, tenseness, one that changes the atmosphere.”

Just as you feel “divine protection” in an image of Buddha,

it is one that you can feel a subtle hinting through.

My looking at a human called I and others,

it is one that reflects how I live.

It is one that sublimates different emotions subsisting in myself.

I want to weave these ones into the Japanese folk costume, Kimono

to seek for help in prayers.

Not in noble ideas,

but in the world called “reality.” 

古学び Inishiemanabi

It means the study of classic.

The origin of “学ぶ-manabu” is “まねぶ-manebu.”

I was attracted to the work “悲母観音” made by Kanou Hougai,

a Japanese-style painter and then I made this work.


Material: Silk thread

Warp: Piled yarn 168d

Weft: Hand spun silk yarn 4.5 Mon-me

Color: Chestnut, Alnus firma, Bruguiera gymnorrhiza, Catechu and others.

Technique: Plain weave (Warp & Weft splash pattern)


Work No.4    made in 2006

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